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Patricia O'Neill, Ph.D.


I have so much I want to share I hardly know where to start. Psychotic illness is my special interest.

I will write especially for people managing Schizophrenia Spectrum and Mood Disorders including Bipolar, but in fact, nearly any mental disorder can result in temporary psychotic effects when stress and anxiety build up enough.

I’ll also be writing for the partners, children, parents and siblings of those affected by mental illness.

Another target group is extended family: loved ones who aren’t connected by blood, but whom we choose and are chosen by, and who may be an important part of a support system!

As this blog matures, I will discuss:

Not to worry if any of these terms is unfamiliar: I’ll be explaining them along the way.  Some will be in the Glossary.

I hope my readers will find this blog a useful source of support, encouragement and information. Do feel free to leave comments or questions on my blog posts, or to contact me directly.



Patricia O’Neill, Ph.D.

Los Angeles, August 2011

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