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Patricia O'Neill, Ph.D.

Patricia O'Neill, Ph.D.

Although qualified to treat all types of psychological issues, I have a special affinity for and expertise in treatment of the severe and persistent mental illnesses.

After a lifelong fascination with the human condition and the severe mental illnesses, I returned to academia at the dawn of the new millennium as a (very) mature student. I wanted to work with and provide a voice for people living with chronic mental illnesses. All too often, they are unable to speak for themselves. After graduating from Occidental College in 2005, I attended Alliant International University and was awarded a PhD in Clinical Psychology from The California School of Professional Psychology in 2010.

My dissertation was a preliminary validation of a subjective quality of life instrument, written by Belgian oncologist Jan Bernheim, M.D. The study sought to discern whether the instrument might be useful for people living with schizophrenia. Subjective quality of life is about a person’s opinion, while objective quality of life is about someone else’s opinion. For people living with schizophrenia, when subjective opinion is sought at all, it is generally as an add-on to an objective instrument. I believe that personal assessment of quality of life is the most meaningful outcome in the treatment of chronic mental illness.

As a registered psychological assistant (that means I don’t have a license of my own yet), I am engaged in post doctoral work under the supervision of Dr. Adam Sheck, with whom I became acquainted as a predoctoral intern. I will work under Dr. Sheck’s license until I accumulate the requisite number of postdoctoral hours and pass the dual licensing examinations.  Dr. Sheck is the owner of the Los Angeles Counseling Center, where I work.  Follow the link for the Center if you want to know more about services available there.

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